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Information about the Transformation to Competitive Employment Act (TCEA)

The TCEA (H.R. 873 in the House and S. 260 in the Senate) is a bi-partisan bill that will expand opportunities for competitive integrated employment - community jobs where people with disabilities work alongside co-workers without disabilities and are paid the same wages - and phase out the outdated and discriminatory payment of subminimum wages to people with disabilities currently allowed under Section 14(c) of the Fair Labor Standards Act.

The TCEA will address barriers to employment for people with disabilities by providing $300 million in capacity-building grants and technical assistance to expand opportunities for competitive integrated employment while phasing out subminimum wages over six years. The bill will help states and 14(c) certificate holders (businesses that pay workers with disabilities subminimum wages) transform their business models to more integrated and innovative approaches to disability employment.  Because this legislation takes a gradual approach to changing over from current segregated (prevocational services) and congregate (group employment) models of employment for people with disabilities, it addresses concerns from people currently using those services that they will be displaced from their current services. 

This legislation is consistent with the mandate of the Colorado Developmental Disabilities Council to provide information on public policy that aligns with this policy statement within the Developmental Disabilities Assistance and Bill of Rights Act of 2000: "individuals with developmental disabilities, including those with the most severe developmental disabilities, are capable of self-determination, independence, productivity, and integration and inclusion in all facets of community life."  Please consider informing other citizens as well as encouraging your two Senators and your House member to learn more about this important legislation.

Senator Michael Bennet                   303-455-7600 (Denver Office)
Senator Cory Gardner                       303-391-5777 (Denver Office)
Representative Diana DeGette        303-844-4988 (Denver, District 1)
Representative Joe Neguse              303-335-1045 (Boulder, District 2)
Representative Scott Tipton             970-241-2499 (Grand Junction, District 3)
Representative Ken Buck                  970-702-2136 (Greeley, District 4)
Representative Doug Lamborn        719-520-0055 (Colorado Springs, District 5)
Representative Jason Crow              720-748-7514 (Aurora, District 6)
Representative Ed Perlmutter         303-274-7944 (Lakewood, District 7)

Also consider texting an electronic message through Resistbot:   Text "resist" to 50409

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